“A reader lives a thousand lives before they die…” 

My passion is knowledge. The words dance off the pages as I read them and take me through so many experiences. All my life, I have known that I am exactly as my name describes. I am a Lady Bookworm.  

As an avid traveler I have called many places home and have been able to experience and appreciate many different cultures. We all derive from various walks of life. However, what connects us? At some point in your life you may hit a low and it is by reading these beautiful pieces that you will find victory, strength, self-improvement and balance.  To some, these novels are a gateway to another world that may be, for the time being, better than their existing situation. 

It is my appreciation for books that allows me the ability to find beauty in the world in which we live and I can only hope that through my reflections you all find the same beauty that I have come to love so intensely.  

There are so many benefits from reading. If you haven’t picked up a book in years, I hope that I can urge you to do so after viewing what I have shared. Reading provides mental stimulation, relieves stress, and tranquility.

This is my baby and my form of expression. This is my thank you to all those heroes who grace us with their beautiful stories, even when we do not know that we need them the most.

Lady Bookworm is not limited to what you will find here. Throughout this journey you will notice that the reflections and expressions go far beyond what I have written.  

I give thanks for you all! Please continue to stop by and see what I have in store for you. I promise you wont be disappointed.



Lady Bookworm


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