Are You A #GirlBoss ?!

"The success of your business depends on the resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity of the team more than any one skill that you possess."


I'll admit, I waited until the hype somewhat "died down" about this book before purchasing it. I actually waited until it was released on paperback to see what it was all about. I was excited to read it. 

At times I am guilty of the old cliche, judging a book by it's cover. Although we've been taught all our lives to never do this, I am 100% guilty of totally judging this book by it's cover and the backstory that I knew to be related to the author and her company. 

I was under the impression that Sophia Amoruso would either focus on this book being a memoir or a simple how to book for young women on becoming a #GirlBoss. It's a mixture of the two to be quite honest. Amorous takes us on her journey through life. She wasn't your typical rich kid that inherited money and funneled it into an idea nor was she a genius that honed in on a talent to make it her claim to fame. She was actually quite opposite. Desperate times called for desperate measures and Sophia took advantage of that. She needed to pay her rent and decided that selling vintage clothes in an online store on eBay was going to get her the money she needed. Well, she was right. It did just that and more. It brought her to where she is today.  

What confused me was her tone. Sophia by no means is a business expert and I believe she knows this. However, yes, there are steps that she took that can be assessed and maybe used to develop another successful company. If you're looking to have an outline on how to achieve success on the level in which Nasty Gal has I don't necessarily believe that this book guides you in that direction; despite the fact that Amoruso may have intended to do so.

Amoruso gives us tips on how to present resumes and whether or not to be friends with our superiors. She basically attempts to give advice on one's rise to having a wonderful career yet these are all areas that she was poor in. 

Have any of you ever heard of the saying you will be successful when success is the only option you have? Not sure if I quoted it correctly but yes, this is what I believe happened to Sophia Amoruso.   I don't even think she followed half of the steps that she began to outline in the latter half of the book because her claim to fame was unconventional. Don't get me wrong, her story is amazing. It is astonishing to see what she has accomplished in such a short period of time and there are, again, quite a few things that we can take away from her story. My biggest take away is that she established a multi-million dollar operation debt free and she still manages to be debt free today. As in, has that ever happened before? With her track record through life believe me thats beyond a home run!

All in all, this was a good read. I always try to find the positive in everything so there are tons of lessons that I can appreciate. 

My fellow bookworms, I am opening the floor to you all. Have any of you read this book? Anyone have similar findings as I did?

Looking forward to reading your comments!! :)
Don't be shy, PLEASE!!! lol

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