Many of us have wished that we had the blueprint for "adulting". We all wanted to grow up too fast and couldn't wait until we hit our 20s to move out of our parents' home and really take control our own lives. I, myself, had some goals set with specific ages in which I'd achieve them and lets just say that life took its own course! lol It's like no matter how hard our parents tried to prepare us we were too stubborn to take heed. Now we are here, and what's to be done? We are trying to figure out life and put the pieces together. 

            Now, it's not to discredit what our parents have taught us but we were just too stubborn. There comes a time when we all grow up and are ready to really live and achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. The problem that I have found, and I know I'm not alone, is that when we are ready to achieve these goals there is no real guidance or support. How do you  know if you are making the right step? How do we survive our 20s in a day and age that is much different from when our parents were growing up?

          Well, I think I found a great blueprint for thriving during our 20s. K. Franco has written a true gem that is simple, straightforward, and to the point. It is her debut novel titled, #THRIVING20s. She gives us 7 awesome steps to take in order to thrive during our 20s. This book serves as a reminder of how awesome life is and just how much we can achieve when we actually collect ourselves and invest in our passion. Franco talks about building habits, the right ones, and how far those will take you. She speaks on relationships and communication. Each chapter is them summarized with "game changers". They enable you to keep your momentum throughout this challenging but fruitful experience, growth. We are learning who we are with every step that we take. That never changes. Having a level head and loving yourself is what will make the journey that much greater. This book was such a pleasure to read. I can't wait to see what else K. Franco has in store for us. Bravo!!!


#THRIVING20S by K. Franco Follow the author:  Instagram | @kfranco917   Click the book to purchase on Amazon.

#THRIVING20S by K. Franco
Follow the author:
 Instagram | @kfranco917

Click the book to purchase on Amazon.