The Millionaire Messenger

"Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice..."

            I am sure that we have all gone through life changing experiences. Experiences that we deem worthy of a lesson not just for ourselves but also for others. Experiences that make you want to run and shout the lesson from each and every end of the world. The book The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard is your unique tool that can be used to make a living by telling your advice. 

           I purchased this book off of Amazon as I tried to find ways to showcase my expertise to the world. My intention in buying this was to learn how to market and package myself. I have read many reviews and received many recommendations that pointed me towards this phenomenal book. Believe me when I say, I was not disappointed in my purchase. 

            The author, Brendon Burchard, takes you through his journey and how a life altering car accident in a foreign country made him feel as though he needed to spread his story. His intention was to teach everyone through his experiences so that no one else would have to go through what he did in order to have the same or a similar revelation. I've heard before that a wise person learns from the experiences of others more so than that of their own. I have always believed this. In various endeavors I have sought the advice of elders or those more seasoned or experienced than I am in a certain area.

               If you know me personally, which I know most of my readers do, then you already know how ambitious I am. I am always looking for ways to make my dreams a reality as well as, share my knowledge with others. While working on my growth I would always find that it was difficult to learn from others because many didn't want to teach their ways to success...
Sad right? Yeah, I know. It's actually quite discouraging being a young individual with a huge amount of ambition that is looking for someone to help guide you but can't find the correct mentors that actually want to show you the way. You don't want them to give you ALL of the details or the blueprint to their specific success story but you want them to somehow layout the steps you needed to take in order to ensure that you were making the right decisions to lead you towards your goal. I thought that I was the only one or rather one of few that had this hardship however, after reading Burchard's "The Millionaire Messenger" I realized that even the greats experienced this struggle. Burchard takes us through his experiences with this hardship and the reason he was led to writing "The Millionaire Messenger". He noticed that there was no "manual" so to speak on how to be an expert so he created one. He truly believed that as a beginner, although you are intelligent and clearly an expert on your topic, sometimes you need to have some guidance on how to establish yourself as an expert within this industry. 

              Burchard really lays out a a plan to aid those of us who want to be experts and make money off of it. I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it because Burchard literally gives you steps. He teaches you!!! Each chapter has a set of steps to follow, along with exercises... that's right...I said EXERCISES. To some it may be like going back to school but to those of us who actually enjoy reading, exercising the brain, and advancing, it is simply amazing!!! You know, we read so many "self help" books and "self motivational" books but once you're done reading the book it is then up to you to apply it. Burchard allows us the opportunity to practice as we read. He also allows for the information that he presents to us to really soak in and resonate with the reader. Lets be honest, when you read a book like "The Millionaire Messenger" you aren't reading a story; you are reading to retain a lesson. In my opinion it really is a necessary component in the formula to success. 

            With that being happy reading bookworms :) I hope at least one of you goes out and purchases this gem. You can click the hyperlinks that a attached to the book's title. It will take you to where you can purchase your copy of this gem :) It'll be the best $11 you've spent in your life!!!

As always...endless love :) 

- Lady Bookworm