A Deeper Love Inside

"I need her. When I marry her, she's mine. That's what I need. A man's heart really can't take the woman he loves just coming and going. He wants her right by his side..." - Elisha, A Deeper Love In Side

   Hello Bookworms!

       I don't even know where to begin with this novel. Sister Souljah is by far one of my favorite authors. I think I enjoy her writing because she is beyond descriptive. Her books are always engaging; so engaging that you feel as though you are a fly on the wall as the story unfolds. Her words paint such a vivid picture. At times, well maybe just in general, her writing is a bit raw. Grown to say it nicely but I enjoy it. Most of you have probably read or heard of her novel The Coldest Winter Ever. That was my very first "adult" book as a preteen. I had no idea picking up that book that I would be exposed to sex, drugs, raids, etc. Well, A Deeper Love Inside is the sequel to The Coldest Winter Ever and it certainly picks up where we left off. The only difference in the two novels is that our main character in the first novel was Winter Santiaga, the eldest of the Santiaga daughters, however in the sequel we grow connected to a new main character...Winter's younger sister Porsche Santiaga, the middle daughter. 

     This story broke my heart during certain stages of the book because having read the prequel my heart was already crushed in knowing that the girls were all snatched and put into the system, their mother was on a downward spiral, and their father was locked up. Despite that I definitely had faith that the Santiaga family would manage to come out on top one way or the other but to see how the drugs and life altering events completely shifted their lives hurt me. I always felt that the Santiaga daughters grew up before their time even though they grew up wealth before being placed into the system they were still quite mature, at least Winter and Porsche. These two were forced to be women at such a young age; Porsche more than Winter. Winter's mature demeanor was voluntary but once you read A Deeper Love Inside you will see how "force ripe" Porsche became because of circumstances.

      The Santiaga Family's whole world shifted when their patriarch Ricky Santiaga was captured. This story definitely shows us the struggles and obstacles that Porsche had to endure. She ended up in juvy and to be quite honest the story is just a downward spiral from there until her encounter with her future husband Elisha. The love they have for each other but more importantly the love he has for her is extraordinary. As I mentioned earlier, Sister Souljah's words are beyond descriptive. She takes you through each emotion, each scene, each encounter as if it were your own. So, as Elisha touches Porsche or speaks to her so delicately butterflies begin to flutter in your stomach because it is as though he is speaking to you. 

     I will say this, my only issue with the book is that the ending seemed almost too good to be true for Porsche. She had endured so much throughout life and meanwhile I was happy to see her win, we all know that life isn't perfect nor is it nearly as staged as the movies. So the outcome was almost too perfect for me but I know this is probably not the end. Lets just say her fairytale fantasies become a reality. We are reintroduced to so many characters that we knew so well from the first novel as well as supporting characters that we may not have paid a great deal of attention to but they play a larger role in this novel. I don't want to give away too much of the story in the post so you're going to have to pick this one up yourself to find out the nitty gritty details of what happened. When you do please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. If this post hasn't convinced you then please listen to a brief 14 min interview with Sister Souljah herself about this novel. 

      You can purchase a copy of this novel and all major retailers: Barnes & Nobles, Target, Amazon.com or on Sister Souljah's website. I have hyperlinked the titles so they take you directly to her site and/or sites that you can purchase the novel. 

Hope you really go and grab this one bookworms. It definitely won't disappoint. 


the LBW