How The Hell Did You Do That?!

"You may know what you want but how you get it is laced in the unknown..."


            This book was such a brilliant read. So true, so raw, so vivid in know those books that you read and you can see the words floating off of the pages? You feel like you're witnessing the story happen right in front of you...that was 'How The Hell Did You Do That?!' by Octavia Yearwood for me. I don't want to give away too much of the story as I got the exclusive leak, *wink* thanks O!!, lol, but let me tell you a little bit about the author because the book and her life go hand in hand. Octavia is a dynamic jill of all trades who's perseverance through life has shaped her into the phenomenal woman that we bear witness to today. She is an author, a mentor, a radio host, an artist educator, amongst so many other titles.

              She is a former foster child, which I think is so important, because we need more stories of trial to triumph. Her story shows our youth today that there is more than what they see in front of them. No matter how difficult the road may seem, if you put the work in and are determined, by the grace of God you will prevail. What I love about her book is that she didn't sugarcoat, excuse my french, shit! It is what it is. She had highs, she had lows, and at the end of the day she still came out on top because she never gave up. 

                How The He'll Did You Do That?! takes us through loss, heartache, self discovery, amongst many other major life events and emotions. What I truly enjoyed about the book was the follow up at the end of each chapter. Not only did the book engulf me in her story but at the end of each chapter it provoked thought. Octavia didn't just write this book to tell us about herself. Every journey she traveled we traveled with her. This story is as much ours as it is hers. At the end of each chapter she asks a series of questions. I answered every single one of them!! You see, this book almost forces you to grow. You might be wondering how...well, the questions at the end of each chapter truly makes you peel away at the many layers that some of us may not even know that we are covered in. Once you peel away at these layers you start to find self and feel balance. 

            This book was thoroughly enjoyable. At times I was on the verge of tears and then at another moment I was dying laughing. I could feel every ounce of her through the pages. I can assure that you all would love diving into this gem! Do yourself a favor and purchase this months subscription box, which features Octavia's debut book and exclusive Lady Bookworm merch :)

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