He Never Came Home...

This is for the daughters...
The daughters who deserved so much more than just his DNA.
This is for the daughters who deserved to be a "daddy's girl"...a jewel in his eyes.

I was skeptical about this book ONLY because I knew how much it would resonate with me and I put off reading it for a while. Agate Publishing sent me this book in late April, early May. I was excited to get it but I was nervous to read it. See the thing is, I can relate so much to each and every woman who submitted submitted their essays, short stories, and who have been interviewed to compile this book. It is so relatable to me, and women around me. So much so, that when I told my best friend about it she was like "they should've interviewed us..." We laughed because it was funny but deep down it hurt because we both know how true the emotions are. This beautiful work of art is compiled of 22 Personal Essays, Interviews, and Personal Stories. The pieces each allow us into the real and very raw emotions that the contributors have felt and currently feel. It takes us through all of the stages of loss....sadness, indifference, anger, and acceptance. 

I can tell you guys about my experiences or lack thereof with my dad but I'll save that for another time. He and I are still trying to build on it...

I want to focus on He Never Came Home, Edited By Regina Robertson. Man, this book was phenomenal. Don't get me wrong. It definitely wasn't glitz and glam. It was EMOTIONAL, to the core, but so necessary. There are stories of women who's fathers just seemed to not care, yet their daughters still idolized them..wondering about their greatness...adoring the fact that she was considered his "sugar pie". There are also stories of women who lost their fathers because of death shortly after reconnecting. They felt robbed of time in which they could've gotten to know him. 

I just want to say to Regina, and all of the contributors...Thank You. Thank you for giving us a voice. It's hard to peel away at layers and allow yourself to be vulnerable but in order to attain growth, it is so necessary. One of the eye opening interviews in this book was that of Disney Butler. She spoke about moments in which her father's image would flash across newsreels, he worked in politics, in the movies when she was with her friends. She would burst with excitement and say, "Thats my father! Thats my father!!!" but her friends would never believe her because they'd never seen him. My heart sunk. I felt what she felt. Why should a child ever have to prove who their parent it, mother or father? 

My own personal experiences have made me so set in my ways of certainty. I want to be sure of who I am with. I want a family not just for myself but for my children also. I feel like as a society...as the human race...we are two lax with life. We take it for granted...from our day to day coming and goings all the way to bringing a whole new life...a new being...into this world. So, I guard myself...with the intention of guarding my unborn children. I don't want them to hurt how I hurt. I cannot become apart of the statistic. I read the collateral sent to me with the book and was floored to have read that the US Census Bureau reported that approximately 24 million children under the age of 18 live in a household with out their biological father...that's heartbreaking. So, again, thank you Regina. Thank you to the contributors. This dialogue needs to happen. We need to see and hear about it in order to hopefully break the curse. 

Bookworms...I hope you all snag a copy of this book. 
I was scared of it but know I needed it and now am in love with it. 

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Happy Pub Day He Never Came Home!!!