Amita Persaud Webb

Hi Bookworms!!!

Happy Wednesday :)
I am an hoping you all are enjoying and getting the hang of the #WeeklyBookworm trend. 
We've got so many more fabulous features to share with you in the near future. 

This week we've got the stunningly beautiful Amita Persaud Webb as our #WeeklyBookworm.
Although Amita wouldn't necessarily label herself as bookworm she has read quite a few great books that we will talk about below :)

So, stop what you are doing and check out our convo with Amita below:

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                  Follow Amita on Instagram & Twitter:
                                  IG - @a.m.i.t.a
                         Twitter - @AmitaWebb


Amita, what is your title professionally?:
TV Host/ Producer


What is your passion? What lights your fire?:


Do you have a favorite author/writer?:
No favorite author/s here, as long the book is a good read, I’ll like it!


Do you have any favorite books?:
Yes, they are the following: 


What is the one book that you would read over and over again?:
Based on recent reads, I would say BossyPants by Tina Fey, it was comedic but still embodied some general issues that women face at work/at home and balancing the two.

How have the books that you listed as your favorites shaped you into the woman that you are today?:
Books offer opportunities for personal growth regardless of book type and that has definitely contributed to my growth.

What would be the title of your first book & Why?:
‘WHY SO LOUD??’, folks always complain about how loud I am.

Why are books important to you?:
Books are important to me because they represent knowledge. If you want to learn about something, someone, somewhere exists in a book!

Books provide experiences for readers that you may never really get to personally live.