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Monifa Coffee, Publisher & Editor in Chief of TXTURE Magazine IG: @instacoffeegram | @txturemagazine

Monifa Coffee, Publisher & Editor in Chief of TXTURE Magazine
IG: @instacoffeegram | @txturemagazine


Check out our one-on-one below:

Monifa, what is your passion?:
My passion is merging Black Beauty, Culture & Fashion, by our standards. To raise self love and self awareness.

Who is your favorite author? Why?:
James Baldwin is my absolute favorite author of all times. He was unapologetically black! His literature was vivid, transparent and timeless. He lived through the Jim Crow era as a Gay-Black man, and spoke his mind fearlessly! I feel I have that same gumption to be as transparent about topics that are close to my heart like civil rights, equality & culture appropriation. 

What are your top 5 favorite books?:
- The fire next time By James Baldwin
-Steal like an artist By: Austin Kleon
-Tar Baby by Toni Morrison
-Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang! by Chelsea Handler
-Assata by Assata Shakur

How have they shaped/molded you into the woman that you are today?:
"The fire next time" is the first of many Baldwins that I've indulged in. This book speaks to the unapologetic Black woman that I am. This novel is so raw & shows how fierce this man was. I touches on religion, civil rights & racism... many topics that are most important in today's vile society.

"Steal Like an artist" is ode to the creative, breaking down majority of the thoughts & the process of most creatives. I loved how he speaks on reinventing the art of creativity by making it your own. This is a method used daily at TXTURE Magazine.

"Tar Baby" was a riveting story about 2 lovers from two different sides of the tracks, relative in many relationships. However, its set in a time where we not only struggled in society but in our own homes. 

Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang! Outside of the serious side of Mo Coffee, I'm a total goofball. The "no holds bar" antics of Miss Handler are almost identical to mine... her views and potty mouth, but not her excesive use of  drugs tho! lol

Assata I feel in my heart she is my spirit animal, fearless and proud! One of the most important parts of this  autobiography takes place on the same NJ Parkway I road up & down all my life. Which made it easy to imagine the very details that lead to her banishment...

Every one of these books speak to the true charector of who I am... Creative, Strong, Unapologetic & Fabulous!!


Fav quote:
"If you can't join em', beat em".
-Monifa Coffee

I've always danced to the beat of my own drum. Always found a way to create my own lane, reinvent the wheel on my own terms. Just a natural leader at heart, its the Aries in me.

What is the one book that you would read over and over again?: Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang! The other books are so powerful, that they take me to another place. Chelsea's lightheartedness makes me happy! It speaks to my high energy, and who doesn't want gut wrenching laughs all the time?!

What would be the title of your first book?: 
My First Book (which I'm currently working on) will be entitled, "Last Call for Alcohol" A single girls dating mishaps & many adventures.

The POV is set in a very tongue-in-cheek tone. I've found that too many amazing women are dumb-ing themselves down to appease the emotions of inadequate men. So many men are intimidated by strong women. They need to understand my independence is not a middle finger to you, its just a reflection of my life's story and my experiences. I think women everywhere will learn a lot about dating & themselves from reading my book. I cant wait to share. 



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